Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Logans First Birthday

Logan was a little under the weather on his first birthday...He had been suffering from a slight cold, runny nose, and low fever all afternoon. He was quite the trooper, but you can tell he doesn't feel himself in the pictures listed below. We all experienced an afternoon of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde while he partied with Brydon, Carson, and Parker. Hopefully next year I will manage to snap a few pictures of him with cake all over his face. This year was full of tears, frowns, and lots of eye rubbing. Till Dec 2012...

JuJu helped me create homemade decorations for the special day. I printed pictures of Logan from the past year on card stock and glued colorful party hats to the tops. These creations were hung throughout the house as birthday decorations. I even created custom heads for the kids that attended the party and glued them on their goody bags. The kids loved them!

Logan and JuJu

Opening His First Present

A Saddle From JuJu For His Cowboy Room

Momma & DaDa

Boy, I look Tired On My Big Birthday

Logans First Birthday Decorations & Party Favors

Birthday Decorations

Yummy Yummy
Cupcake Toppers With Birthday Boy Face

Birthday Boy Faces

Looking Cute

A John Deere Tractor From GranPappa

Birthday Boy

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